My top 5 favorite and non-favorite Halloween candies, movies, and traditions.

Ti'Miah Jackson-Allen, Staff Reporter

Hi my Ti’Miah Jackson-Allen this is my top five favorite and non-favorite Halloween candies, movies, and traditions. One of my favorite all time scary movie is Freddy vs. Jason.I love the movie because it is a collaboration of two very iconic and authentic movie characters. My favorite aspect of the movie is how they both fight each other with one another’s weakness.

I absolutely love and Kit-Kats,M&Ms,and  Hershey’s they are the best things mankind have ever completed.But if I had to pick only one to have it word by Kit-Kats no doubt about it.When you eat them you taste the crunchy waffle and milk chocolate all melt in your mouth.

I personally do not like candy corn because it taste like a non flavored PLASTIC!!I overall don’t enjoy them i’d see the hype of why so many people enjoy eating them.But i mean that’s just my personal opinion on candy corn.

My least favorite type of halloween movies are the parodies. I honestly think they’re pointless and have no true meaning to them what so ever.When i usually tell my friends they all think i’m crazy but i honestly believe it’s good to have a different opinion than others.

A new favorite tradition i started two years ago is going to my friends house and just having fun hanging out together.We all usually have on our corny last minute costumes on going trick or treating for about about an hour. Then coming back to the house to just talk and eat our candy while enjoying each other’s company.I honestly love this tradition so much because i love having the company of others on such a fun night.

Those were my top five favorite and non-favorite Halloween candies,movies,and traditions and i’m so glad that I got to share them with you,maybe you like or dislike the same things as I.