Personal View : My 2017 Halloween took a turning point


Aubrie Kline, Staff Reporter

Hi, my name is Aubrianna Kline. And this is how my 2017 Halloween went. This year I went trick-or-treating with my family.


The night started out with everyone coming over to have dinner. We just made Halloween snacks though, because we knew the kids would want to go trick-or-treating first.


After we ate we took pictures of everyone. This year my sister and I went as nerds together, and my little sister went as a cat.


As we started to walk out it started to drizzle. We thought it would stop so we just kept walking. The rain started to get a bit heavier. We had our umbrellas, so then we went on to other streets.


By now it was pouring raining. Some of my family members makeup was smeared now. And the streets were flooding. So we kinda looked crazy, because we were still outside.


Eventually we decided it was time to go home. We just ended up getting candy from Walgreens. And we were just as happy.


Even though it was raining, and we didn’t get as much candy as usual. This Halloween was one of my favorites, because I got to spend it with my family.