Personal view: My 2017 Halloween wasn’t the best


Davis Donicht, Staff reporter

It was a downpour, the rain just kept coming and coming down on Halloween night. I went out with my friend Ian Garza to go scare kids, but there were no kids outside to scare much less people handing out candy.


After I went to Ian’s house and we went outside within five minutes we got poured on so hard the rain was going in my pockets and I had to go home and put my phone up so it would not get wet. My mom did not even let me come inside the house I was so wet. When I went back outside to look for Ian I could not find him anywhere. I eventually asked a few families if they saw a guy in a bright yellow poncho, because he was Georgie from the movie “IT.”


Eventually I found Ian the complete opposite direction of where people told me to go. It was kind of funny honestly, but a little frustrating considering they gave me the wrong directions. When he met up with me, he gave me a really hard time for looking in the wrong places for thirty minutes.


Around  7:30 we left our neighborhood and went to the other thinking there would be people we knew from school. When we got there, there was one house with a light, on the entire block. It was kinda weird seeing the whole street so dark it kind of looked like a ghost town to me.


We showed up at another friend’s house we knocked on his door and waited for a good minute and a half, until Ian knocked again against  my better judgement thinking the house was asleep. About another minute later an elderly man answered the door and I knew from the moment he answered we had the wrong house. Ian looked up at him asking for A.J and he looked down at Ian with a cold stare and said I think you got the wrong house and shut the door in his face.

After that incident I suggested we go home, so on the way back my and his street were lit up with lights and kids collecting candy. Honestly that was the most disappointing part of the night considering our main goal was to scare little kids and just run around.


Overall I thought Halloween was a huge bust. I had a good time though and i guess that’s what Halloween is all about. Even though Halloween was not as fun as it used to be when I was little. I’m trying to stay a kid as long as possible because I’m not going to be one forever.