Personal view: Meaning Of Halloween


John Andrade, news reporter

Hi my name is John Andrade and I’m gonna tell you what Halloween is mostly about. Also some of my favorite things about Halloween. Halloween is mostly about costumes and going haunted houses. A big part of Halloween is also going house to house knocking on their door and saying “trick or treat” to get some candy.

My favorite parts of Halloween is getting to hang out with my friends and family. Getting a lot of candy, sweets, and food takes a spot in there as well. It’s incredible to see how many kids go outside and dress up to go trick or treating. One of my favorite things about the past few Halloweens, when I was younger, was to be able to go to party city with my parents and shop for the perfect Halloween costume.

Now since I’m a little older, It’s not exactly the same as the past Halloweens. I don’t go to party city with my parents or really dress up for Halloween. This Halloween I stayed home and gave candy out. Friends and family came over as well. We ate, watched Halloween movies and had a nice little time.  

All these things together give meaning to why I enjoy Halloween, and the meaning of Halloween.