Personal View:My Halloween Of 2017


Trinity Townsend, staff reporter

Hi,my name is Trinity Townsend and I’m going to tell you about my Halloween,This Halloween was certainly one to remember.As soon as my brother and I started walking down the street it started pouring rain.We both got really cold but we candy so we kept moving.


After what felt like forever the rain took a break and we took advantage.We made it to the rest of the next two streets just in time,because it starting streaming rain all over again.When we got back to our house after our baskets were full we changed into pajamas watched The Purge,my favorite movie.We ate lots of candy and carved pumpkins, mine was carved to be like a cat and my brother’s was supposed to look like his dead hamster,Hammie who died this morning.


I ended up baking two full pans of sugar cookies and eating them all myself since nobody else in my house likes sugar cookies except for my Mom,but I don’t share.It’s every man for himself in my house.After a while I started feeling sick and instantly regretted my decision,basically my entire first pan of cookies ended up be flushed down the toilet.


Eventually I tried to go to bed,but it didn’t work so I changed back into regular clothes and went to a friends house and watched the Purge Election Year.It was really good,but then I really couldn’t sleep.Around four in the morning I went back to my own house to make it look like I’d been sleeping when really I’d been awake to hang out.And of course with my luck my Mom just HAPPENED to randomly check on me at 5 am and she knew I’d left the house.


I ended up getting my phone taken away but it didn’t really matter because I liked my laptop more,so jokes on her.I had planned to stay home from school so I get the sleep I needed,but thanks to my mom AGAIN I had to go anyways,I basically sleepwalked the first three classes. I guess my Mom felt bad because during lunch she dropped of Subway even though I hate Subway,only she likes that stuff.


In almost all of my classes the teacher gave us candy or some kind of treat.The day was pretty relaxed except for the social studies.Everyone in my class almost always fails the test or magically have assignment disappearing but luckily I got a 95 on the test.The passing grade made the rest of my day more vivid and joyful,which rarely happened.So really,my day was just fine.