Book Review: The Brilliance Of ‘The Maze Runner’


Faith Runyon, Staff Reporter

The Maze Runner, a book written by James Dashner, is astonishing at clarifying the setting of the story and what the main characters feel about the situation they’re being thrown into.

The main character, Thomas, is a mid-teen that got delivered into a maze and met his fellow peers that assume since he arrived that the world is going to end. Obviously, you have to read the story to find out the truth about their theory.

The story also includes Thomas’ love interest,Teresa. She arrived in the maze a day after Thomas and that also made their peers speculate if they triggered the ending. Their peers also speculate that she has something to do with why they’re in the maze.

Just like every other story The Maze Runner has a bad guy. In this case, his name is Gally. At the end of the story Gally ends up doing so shocking that Thomas beat him close to death. If you read the other books the bad guy in Thomas’ opinion changes over periods of time.

Overall, The Maze Runner is a book that you should read if you’re willing to

be patient to finding out the answers to “Why are they in a maze?” or “Who put them in a maze?”. The book makes you wonder a lot and at the end you’ll get all the answers you were waiting for.