Personal view: Why My favorite Halloween movie is ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’


Paige Freund, Staff Reporter

 Hello there, my name is Paige Freund and I am a seventh grader here at Dobie jr. high. My favorite Halloween movie is “The nightmare before Christmas.” It is my favorite movie because I like the old style movies and how they are made. I also like how how it has two holidays in just one movie.


 I am not a fan of christmas movies that are new because they all seem the same. On the other hand older christmas movies really show how much time the creators took to make the movie, and I really like that.


 My favorite part of the movie is when he sees all the other holidays because he didn’t even know they existed. I did not like the part of the movie when he takes over the holiday. I know that’s what the whole point of the movie, but it just got me mad that he just took over Christmas because nobody took over Halloween.


 My favorite character is Sally because she is so nice and supportive. We technically I love everybody in the movie, but she is my favorite. I think it’s cool how she can just randomly unstitch her leg and act like it’s nothing and just sew it back on when she wants to.