Personal View: Halloween 2017 memories.


Zoe Gallegos, Staff reporter

 I had just about the worst Halloween ever. On Halloween my friends went out while I was stuck at home passing out free candy to people I don’t even know. My parents didn’t let me go out this Halloween because it was all rainy and ugly outside.

 One costume that I thought really stood out to me was a dinosaur costume. When the dinosaur walked up to me I automatically started laughing. I couldn’t even give him candy because I was laughing so hard. The dinosaur finally got his candy from me and right after he started to walk away he slipped on his back, and he was struggling to get back up.After that I lost it and I was crying because I was laughing so hard.

 As soon as I was done laughing my parents told me to go take my nephew trick-or-treating since I was no help to them. My nephew and I made it about two houses down until it started to rain down hard. I ended up giving up trying to stay under an umbrella with a wild five year old, so we walked back with about half a bag of candy.

 By the time I got home I was all wet and cold, but I still had to take my nephew trick-or-treating one more time. My sister wanted me to take him one more time just because she wanted me to fill up the other half for her. When I had got back to my house my sister had forgot all about me getting her some candy, so I ate all the candy for her.