Personal View: 2017 Halloween


Alisza Gonzalez, Reporter and Editer

My favorite Halloween was this year. It was my first year I was allowed to go anywhere I wanted without an adult. My mom was really cool about it too. She let me invite all my friends and go trick or treating with them. I really didn’t want to have a large crowd, so I only invited 3 people.


One was my cousin because she is one of my closest friends and family member. I also invited my friend Darian and my bandmate Max. Unfortunately Darian had to leave early but with exception of that it was an amazing night.


First we went around a couple random streets. We got a lot of chocolate. I gave all my chocolate to my friends so that made them happy. I think my favorite part of the night was when we went to my old neighborhood. I moved last year but only a few blocks. So my friends and I went there.


I loved seeing all my old neighbors and friends. One thing that was pretty disappointing was that my old house was sold and the people living there didn’t hand out candy. I found that pretty upsetting because when I lived there I made it my goal to have the best candy for my mom to hand out. I just shook my head and walked to one of my closest neighbors and family friends house.


They lived right up the street from where I used to live do on our way there we picked up some more candy from the houses we past. When i got there I gave them all hugs and told them how much I missed them, they treated me and all of my friends well by giving us all extra candy and free water bottles. I then said my goodbyes and headed another way.


The next neighborhood I hit had a haunted house. I loved it, personally I didn’t get very scared but my sister and cousin felt otherwise. Max and I both enjoyed it and didn’t get very scared as my sister Arisza and cousin Sophia were screaming as they left. Both Max and I laughed at how scared they were.


After that Sophia and Max both had to go home so we walked back to my house where we all ate pizza and talked until their parents came to pick them up. Max left first and Sophia next. After cleaning everything Arisza and I both took showers and washed off our make up then went to bed. I had so much fun and i hope next Halloween is just as awesome… or maybe better.