Fiction: Edge of the cliff


Sandra Escobar, Staff reporter

I darted from the tall pine trees. Heavy, dark, suffocating smoke burned my lungs. Fire rose higher and higher, rushing, racing towards me. Consuming everything in it’s path. Animals fled in fright and urgency. Fleeing from the scorching heat, and ferocity of the flame.

My bare feet, covered in cuts and bruises from stepping on rocks, needle sharp twigs, and prickly bushes… repeatedly. Fire rose and devoured the earth below it. Turning everything it touches into a ugly ash that choked the life beyond.

I skidded to a stop, dust gently fluttered to the ground behind the heel of my feet, like a leaf lost to a dying wind. My heart pounding in my chest. A bird flew over my head, escaping the hungry beast.I closed my eyes, taking a deep breath, fire and pain roaring through me,through my blood,veins…heart. I took a cautious step towards the edge of the cliff.

I rush towards the cliff. Launching my body into the air,plummeting towards the cold,brisk river that awaited me. Wind rushes past me,as I fall into the ravine. I unfurl gasoline black wings. Pain bites up my shoulder and joints. Wind rushes up around my wings. I surge upwards towards the top of the ravine and above into the smoke sky.

Flying away from the from the monster that sinks its fangs into the land.