Personal View: My Halloween Experience


Nicolas Dziewit, Staff Reporter

Hi my name is Nicolas Dziewit and this is my personal view of Halloween


In my opinion Halloween is my favorite holiday It’s just so fun there is so much to do scare people, get candy, and just mess around. I personally just think It’s such a great holiday the origin behind it all the scary stories are just so amazing. The origin being about ghosts rising up from the dead and people putting on masks to have the ghosts not recognize them so they don’t haunt them. Scaring kids is probably the best thing about it I don’t like scaring little ones cause if I do I’ll probably get yelled at by their parents. Only older kids I scare It’s funny to see their reaction if they scream or if they just stand there pretending not to be scared, but they know deep down inside them, I scared them.


Halloween to me means  Getting candy and just playing with my friends It’s amazing we do fun stuff sometimes we just sit and do nothing but talk, well that was only one year but it was still fun. Getting candy is a great addition to scaring kids walking up to houses and getting  candy, I mean they’re giving away free food so who wouldn’t want free food. The candy they give out lasts for a relatively  long amount of time, and my sister eats all of her candy and she still wants some, so she pays me money for some of my candy. So I make some money off of her which you know is kind of nice, because that money can go for other stuff.


After  Halloween I plan to just sit home and sort through all of my candy that I got this year which I know is going to be a lot because I’m going to go through four neighborhoods going to every single house that has their light on. I plan to go with a few friends to go get candy It’s always better with friends. First of all It’s safer because you’re in a bigger group, It’s just better because you can talk with them about what they got going on in there lives instead of just sitting there walking being lonely to everyone that see’s you.


My favorite piece of candy is 3 Musketeers, so I hope I get a bunch of those. I could eat them non-stop . If I had an infinite supply which would be awesome. My second favorite piece of candy is probably Snickers they’re pretty good, but they’re not as good as 3 Musketeers though. Overall I hope this year, I get as much candy as I can from Trick-or-Treating and hopefully scare some kids along the path of candy.