Personal view: what made my Halloween so special?

Jenna Baglio, News Reporter

Halloween came by fast with drenching rain and cold weather. Even though it was pouring kids still sacrificed getting soaked for their favorite candy, and to be honest…I was one of them. Hello, my name is Jenna Baglio and I’m a seventh grader at Dobie Jr. High and today I’m giving you my perspective on Halloween night.

The whole night started once I got home from school. All I could think about was rain, and I hoped that it didn’t rain during the evening because obviously it was Halloween night. For the past two years when I lived in Washington State it has rained on Halloween so I wanted that to change by going trick or treating rain free…sadly that didn’t happen.

After having pizza for dinner, I decided to get on my costume and find a bag to use for candy. This year I was going as a minion. Basically a sweater with a minion on it, yellow socks and a minion hat. Once I got dressed I had to help with my sister’s costume, which was Elsa from Frozen. Long story short, my sisters been a Frozen fan forever and she knows every song in it. Now that we were all ready to go my mom dropped me off at my friends House.

After getting situated my friends Mady, Erika, and I thought it was time to get some candy. As we walked out of the door it was fine outside. A little overcast but overall okay. Then it came, as we walked to our second house the rain poured over us like the sky was filled with a big pail of water that was too overflowed so it turned over. We still kept walking because as you know from the beginning of the story, we were desperate for candy.

Later we decided to get some umbrellas since it was raining to hard to go without one. My friends mom thought it was to rainy so she went back and Mady, Erika and, I all kept going up the street for more candy. Once we got to my house my mom made us some hot chocolate and we ate a lot of candy:)

Overall my experience during Halloween was okay. I was expecting it not to rain but it was still “superfun getting my clothes soaked. Hopefully next Halloween I will get more candy and the weather will be nice.