Personal View : My 2017 Halloween was interesting


Sophia Huskanovic , Staff reporters


My 2017 Halloween was very interesting. Although the whole month itself went by super fast, it was still pretty mesmerizing. October was all a blur.


It was that feeling when you woke up, that this day would be like any other day. October had me hopeless. I thought it would be a boring Halloween. Little did I know, I was wrong!


I woke up feeling like this day would be totally uninteresting. You wake up, go to school, come home, eat, sleep, and the day restarts again.


Ever since I moved here, suddenly all my life has been a repeating rollercoaster, but guess what? It was Halloween. It would be no ordinary day, so I decided to make the best of it.


There’s no doubt that Halloween could be a disaster. Getting free candy sounds like a treat for me. Next thing I knew, it was Halloween night! I dressed up in my really casual halloween outfit.


It was a white shirt with black tight leggings and converse, I tied my hair up and put fake blood all over my face and shirt. I cut up some of the shirt that was near my collarbone. It was intended to show my black bralette that I nearly just bought.


I was all done, and it looked pretty good! Then suddenly I heard a faint noise of cluster on the roof. It was rain! Of course, it was rain. I was so devastated.


The rain stopped so my sister, brother and I all got our bags and headed outside to the driveway. Just as we were outside, my mom peckered at us to get our jackets, since it was chilly.

My mom followed us and quickly unlocked all the doors of the car so we could get in. We hopped in fast and sat tight. We brought up a conversation on how we would eat all the candy, In the corner of my eye I saw little dots of rain splatter on the window.


Guess what? It was raining again! This time I didn’t mind. I absolutely adore rain. Since it rarely rains in my state, I decided to make the best of it.


My brother is too little to be trick or treating in rain, and his costume was already soaking wet from earlier. So, my sister and I had to trick or treat for him, It started to rain really hard, but my sister and I kept laughing hysterically.


I must admit that this Halloween of 2017 has been one to remember. We also got the most candy record EVER! How was your Halloween of 2017?