Personal View: My Favorite Halloween Movie


Keiahna Tucker, staff reporter

                           Personal view: My Favorite Halloween Movie

                                                                                                                      By: Keiahna Tucker

My name is Keiahna Tucker, and  my all time favorite Halloween movie is “The nightmare Before Christmas”. “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is my favorite movie because, when I was around the age of two my step-dad would let me pick a movie to watch and I would always chose that one, I guess ever since then I’ve loved that movie.


I like the style of the movie and how the characters move and look. “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is a claymation movie meaning that most of the movie is made out of clay. It amazes me that you can make an entire movie out of clay. Because the movie is made out of clay you have to sculpt it and things like that, because of this it take about an entire week to make just three seconds of film.


This kind of ties into what I was for Halloween. This year for Halloween I was Jack Skellington which if you’ve ever seen “The Nightmare Before Christmas” you would know that he’s the main character of the movie. He’s also my favorite fictional character.


Although The Nightmare Before Christmas is my favorite movie, it’s a rather old movie. The movie came out in the year 1993. I guess I enjoy watching older movies, because another one of my favorite movies is the movie “The Sandlot” which also came out in the year 1993. A few other movies that I like that came out a little while ago include “Forrest Gump” which came out in 1994, and The Lion King which also came out in 1994, “Scream” which came out in 1996, and “Jurassic Park” which came out in 1993. There a lots of other movies that come out earlier but then the list would be infinite.


I guess you could say that I’m more of a classic old school type of person, according to everyone I ask that is.