Fiction: The Dark planet-Chapter 1


Morgan Gardner, Dobie News Club Reporter

Lyra glared at the Ezer. “I stole nothing…”

He laughed from behind the mask on his helmet. “Don’t lie to me! now hand it over!” he raised his hand to strike her.

“Fine!” she threw her newly purchased fruit at he floor beside him.

He chuckled, and snatched it away. “Filth.” He mumbled as he strode off through the crowded market street.

Lyra sighed, shoved her hands in her pockets and sulked away. She wandered through the congested road, hardly paying attention to where she was going. Lyra had lived on these streets all her life. She knew every ally-way, street, and stall.

She finally made it to her favorite ally. one of it’s walls were slanted so when it rained she hardly got wet. Lyra’s stomach rumbled. “Be quiet.” she scolded it.

Lyra sat down on the ground and looked at the sky. It was as red as always.  Another day without supper She thought.

Then she curled up and slept.