The Dark Rose

The Dark Rose


I woke to the smell of smoke . The alarms blared, and smoke filled my room. I cried in agony as the embers soaked into my skin. The flames grew in my eyes. The house collapsed around me. I was the last one. This was just the beginning

Chapter 1: The Beginning of the end

“HOW DID YOU DO IT” The stranger said.  He had been questioning me for over an hour. ”I DON’T KNOW” I screamed,”NOW WILL YOU PLEASE BE QUIET.” ” Dang it  I told him I could break you.” He said. I smirked in satisfaction at his remark. ” YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY.” he yelled. “no” I spoke, “I think this is HILARIOUS, YOU CAN’T BREAK A TINY LITTLE GIRL. HA!”  At this moment we locked eyes. He stared at me in disappointment.  He came closer and whispered some thing that sounded like ” Cafeteria 6 p.m…  tell you something.”  Then walked away.  ” You are free to go” He said.

5:58: I headed down to meet him.I walked in to ” The Lunch room” “you came” he said, “I didn’t think you would come Zel.” “of course I would Aaren why would i not