Personal View:Halloween And What It Means To Me


Ashlynn Gaskin, Staff reporter

Halloween to me is a time of the year where you can enjoy the thoughts and stories of others and get together with your family and  tell superstitious stories with your friends.As some may not cherish this holiday as I do. I choose to enjoy it to it’s fullest and cherish every moment.


The candy spooks and scares are as thrilling and enjoyus as can be though the thought of seeing my family is a time I choose appreciate.On halloween my family and I have a huge get together at my Nana’s and eat and go trick or treating together.


Alas my family has separated a bit for job reasons and we are no longer able to see each other as much as we would like but this doesn’t stop me from having fun or enjoying life as much as possible.Over all I believe that this holiday is a time to enjoy and stay contented(happy) with your family and friends to eat candy, raid houses, stock up on the goods, and enjoy your time.