Personal view: My Favorite Halloween Memory


Leila Johnson, staff reporter



    My favorite halloween memory is when I was in Japan and dressed up like the Grudge. I trick or treated all over the military base and got a lot of candy. My mom was doing my makeup and we were having fun together and then my brother was dressed up as superman and was still in a stroller.


   My favorite costume I’ve seen was a scientist with Frankenstein and he was so tall because he had stilts under his pants. I got a picture with them to make it look like the scientist invented me. After I was done trick or treating, I went to a party and got a lot of food and got to play with other people. I got to switch out the candies I don’t like and get all my favorite ones.


When the party was over I thought I we were done and going home because my dad went home but my me and my mom walked to another party that was thrown by one of her friends and I got to meet some people. We all went outside in the dark and played hide and seek tag.When I was it I acted like the Grudge and they got scared and actually tried to hide then iIslipped on my butt then we all started laughing and I had to go home.