Movie Review: Hocus Pocus my favorite movie

melayna dunbar, staff reporter


My favorite movie is called Hocus Pocus. Hocus Pocus is a old movie but I still watch and enjoy it. The movie is just amazing hands down, and is a very good family Halloween movie to watch. It’s also a good movie to get you into the Halloween spirit!


Hocus Pocus is a movie of three witches who are sisters who in order to live…steal the souls of children, they were banished and cursed then one day they were resurrected by two kids, Dani and Max, when they were exploring their old cabin. The witches were on a mission to steal the souls of the kids in their family starting with Dani (Max’s little sister). As the witches tried to get her they continuously escaped.


A cat named Binx who used to be a boy, but the witches cursed him and made him into a cat with eternal life and having to live with the guilt of them killing his sister and him not being able to save her. Binx helps them to defeat the witches and they help set him free of his curse.


The witches went all across town chasing Dani as Max protects her making sure they don’t kill her. Once it’s sunrise the witches will turn to ash and forever be dead. The witches chased the them into the graveyard where they began to fight and sunrise came up and the witches were defeated and binx was set free to be with his sister.