Personal view: My top 5 Halloween favorites


Gabriel Holzwarth, Staff Reporter

I love Halloween and everything about it, the movies,t he haunted houses,the games and who could forget about trick or treating? I’m going to countdown from my top 5 favorite things about Halloween.

  • My 5th favorite Halloween is the 13th floor! That haunted house is really scary and very long. I liked the design alot and they do a good job every year on the haunted house but i put it toward my 5 because its dang haunted house it’s beyond scary i also like going with my friends cause then I get to share the scary experience.
  • My 4th favorite Halloween thing is all types of costumes you can dress up as for trick or treating. They have almost everything from the scariest characters like Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees to little cartoon characters like maybe a pirate or a star wars person. They have so many costumes and there’s so many to choose from you have a hard time doing so.
  • My 3rd favorite Halloween thing is you know, trick or treating! Trick or treating is a nation thing when it comes to halloween and its traditional. Dress up,get your pillowcase, and start trick or treating for candy, its that simple and that fun. And i believe you are never too old to trick or treat it’s something that everybody should enjoy for a good time in their lives.
  •  My 2nd favorite Halloween things is Six Flags Fiesta Texas. You can never go wrong with Six Flags especially with Fright Fest! So many rides and activities to enjoy for so many hours. They run around in scary costumes and scare you, with haunted houses too to give you a good fright while you’re there.
  • My top 1st favorite thing about Halloween is the horror movies! I love horror movies during Halloween it’s a classic. It has Friday the 13th,Halloween,Nightmare On Elm Street,Jeepers Creepers,conjuring,Insidious and lots more to scare you on Halloween Night.Sit down get a bowl of popcorn with some friends, and time to watch some scary movies!