Personal view: Halloween night was exciting


Reese Christenson , Staff reporter

Halloween has always been a fun holiday to celebrate. You get to be whatever you want for a night, and you get free candy and treats. Most people go with friends or family. Halloween gives everyone amazing memories.

My favorite memory was when my mom’s friend had a Halloween party,and it was filled with great food and tons of candy. I was dressed as a zombie volleyball player.

We started trick-or-treating when the sun was going down and we did not stop till around nine. In her neighborhood there was a lot of haunted houses and crazy costumes.

By the end of the night our bags were stuffed with candy and about to spill over, so we stashed our candy in a special place. When we stashed our candy we went out again till our feet couldn’t walk another inch.

After we sorted our candy the trading began. We traded lots of candy almost till our bags were filled with all of our favorite candies.

Then after everyone was done trading we started to eat out of our piles.We ate so much candy that our stomach were gonna burst. Our parents finally told us to eat regular food to help our stomachs digest easier.

We ended the night with fun times and good food. Once my family started to get tired we decided to head home and end the night.