Personal View: Top 5 favorite halloween things


Julia Escobedo, Staff reporter

Halloween is my favorite, so it can be hard for me to choose only 5 things that I love the most, but I do have some things that really make me love Halloween .

One of my favorite things about Halloween is scaring people that may sound mean but my favorite thing is scaring my friends. My dad loved to scare me when I was little and I guess as I got older I developed that love also. I also love being scared I don’t get scared often though i’m not afraid of anything (or at least that I know of).

Another thing that I love about Halloween is candy, I almost never eat candy and I don’t really like it that much. Eating candy is a rare occurrence for me so I try to get mostly my favorite candy, KitKats.

Another thing that Halloween brings (at least for me) is no homework. I know we don’t get that much homework, but it’s nice to have a homework free day to just hangout with friends and eat free candy.

I love dressing up with my friends. It’s so much fun and it’s nice getting to go around and just have fun. My all time favorite thing about Halloween is dressing my dog up. I think dog costume are so cool and adorable. Since I have a dachshund there are so many things i could dress her up as in the past few years we have made her everything from a hot dog to a shark and even a penguin. Although that is my favorite thing about Halloween she doesn’t seem to like it as much as do.