Personal View: What I think about Halloween


Faith Smith, Staff Reporter

To me Halloween means the day of dead and celebrating the people that came before you. Most of the time there are Halloween specials that come on like movies and T.V. shows. The good part about Halloween is that you can get candy and lose weight at the same time. The really cool part is the crazy costumes that people have like zipper face or penny wise the clown.

What I hate about Halloween is when you get to a certain age adults feel like that you can’t trick-or-treat anymore cause you’re a lot older. Then you have to pass out candy to little kids when you should be collecting candy yourself and eating it. Which really sucks.

Instead of trick-or-treating you can go to a Halloween party. Usually they have a lot of games to play. I think more people should celebrate Halloween because you can have lots of fun with family and friends. Some people think that Halloween is celebrating zombies and random dead people which is pretty sad. It should be a happy day to collect candy and enjoy being with friends.