Personal View; My Favorite Halloween Movie

Karys Marcum, Staff Reporter

Halloween movies are one of my favorite things because I like the suspense and the thriller. My favorite halloween movie has to be Hocus Pocus. Hocus Pocus is a movie made in 1993 directed by Kenny Ortega.


I love this movie because I love the suspense and the adventure when they go to find the witches and try to ‘kill’ them. The plot of the story overall is sweet and a little sad. The way the movie starts is a brother and sister are playing in the wood. When the little sister goes deep into the woods she finds the witch’s hut. The witch’s suck the life out of young girl so they stay young. Many many years later another little boy finds the hut and takes the book.


My favorite part of the movie is when all of the kids go out and have to run away from Billy the zombie or the ex boyfriend of  Winifrend Sanders which is the main witch in the movie. They have to run away from Billy because Winifrend sent him out to catch the kids get her spell book back so Winifred can ‘take over’ the town.


I feel like if the movie was made now then there would be a few things that would be different.  For starters the way they act, personally I feel like nowadays we act different then we did say 10 years ago. We act different too by that i mean we depend on our phones so much. If she had a phone I feel like she could just call someone or look it up online for what she could do in the situation which would ruin the whole movie.