Personal View: My top 5 things to do on Halloween


Darian Lester , Staff reporter

My top favorite things about Halloween are very simple. This year we didn’t do much since it was a long day, but I do have a top 5 of my favorite things I’d like to do on halloween.
First, one thing that I love to do is trick-or-treating. I don’t like the walking bit, or being outside, but the fun part is getting the candy then going home and eating all of the candy with my family. It’s also fun when trick-or-treating that you have friends to go with you and create memories that would be hard to forget.
Second, watching movies. I don’t really like scary movies because of the loud sounds and jump scares, but it is Halloween so I’d make an exception to the loud noises and jump scares.
Third, I love Halloween decorations. I enjoy going around and seeing people’s creative Halloween decorations. The frilly spiders that are glowing, the beautiful colors when walking at night, and the cute blow up cats in their front yards. I don’t go in the haunted houses, but they’re so creative.
Fourth, costumes! I love to dress up and do my make up and go all out. It’s not everyday this chance comes up so I try and take advantage of it. Now, I love anime and cosplaying. I have three cosplays, but one is my favorite. Elizabeth Midford from Black Butler. I’m the kind of person that loves the Victorian outfits and styles, and the medieval elegant dresses, and even the 1880’s clothing that nobles or rich people would wear. So i’d like to wear those kind of outfits.
Fifth, sleeping. After a night out walking and eating a whole lot of sugar candy, I so very much look forward to submerging my cold self into the warm blankets and playing some calming music and closing my eyes and drifting to a deep sleep. Although the time would be 4:30am so I would get about three hours of sleep, but I still look forward to sleeping.