stranger things


Stranger things is a netflix original tv where 4 best friends find out their more too their town then they know and meet a strange girl when one of their friends go missing.The tv show stars off with 4 boys by the name of Dustin,Mike,Lucas and Will.The boys had just got throw having a fun night of board games it gets pretty late so the boys all part ways and go home.On the way home Will feels like something following him home which he soon finds out it’s a creature from another world called the upside down.Will is not seen or heard from in 3 days the boys and Will’s mom (Joyce) gets worried about Will.


So the boys go looking from him they check his house and then they remember that he has to go throw this abandon street to get home.That very same day his mom calls the cops and Chief Hopper orders a search party and this school teacher finds a bike that they find out is Will’s bike .The day after a girl named Eleven but she no regular girl Eleven is able to move stuff with her mind like some superhero.One day when the boys are looking for Will they run into eleven and from that point on Eleven and Mike had a strong connection between them.Well the rest you would have to find out on your own.