Personal View: 2017 Halloween Memories


Kylie Pavlovsky, Staff reporter

Hi my name is Kylie and my understanding of Halloween is that it’s supposed to be a fun filled day. There’s supposed to be tricks around every corner and treats down every street. My Halloween was….how do I say it….ummm…terrible. My Halloween was the exact OPPOSITE of fun. To start of my “spooky fun” night, I sat on my bed with my Mimi’s laptop and my phone. I FaceTimed my friend Scarlett to figure out her last minute Halloween costume. After about an hour we still didn’t know what or who she should be.

We were getting super frustrated then all of a sudden my mom rumbles through the doorway saying, “ Why aren’t you downstairs eating? We are going trick-or-treating in 10 minutes. I was so shocked. 10 minutes! I still had to put my costume on, eat dinner, blow dry the crease out of my hair, put my makeup on, and put shoes on. I felt as if I was going to faint. I had eventually finished putting my costume on, eating dinner, and putting on my shoes on with 3 minutes to do makeup and hair. My phone started blowing up with texts

Mommy: HURRY


Mimi: HURRY UP!!!!!!!!

All I was thinking was, beauty takes time……beauty takes time…..

I raced down the stairs as my dad was coming in to yell for me. “COMING!” I had announced before he could say a thing. I was at that point, looking forward to a nice sunny great Halloween. My thoughts were drifting away into excitement, until the tall white door was opened.

Coming down in buckets and flowing like rivers was water. Rain had decided to crash the party. Why not wind? That would be better than icy uncomfortable rain. Then the electrifying cold rain abruptly stopped. Buckets to plates. Plates to spoons. Spoons to none. 

Families started to come out of garages and houses now that the rain was done.We all gathered in front of my house for pictures because many people had exclaimed that our house was the best decorated. Once the picture was done we went trick-or-treating. Rain started showering us and disappearing for the rest of the night. I would say that this was by far the worst Halloween I’ve ever had.