Personal view: My boring yet fun Thanksgiving break

Madilyn Morris, Staff Reporter

I am most thankful for the long break because it gives me a break to where I can relax and not do work. Sadly my mom doesn’t get to be home except on Thanksgiving. Some things that I don’t like about thanksgiving is that I have to watch my brother and I don’t get to see my dad and stepmom.

Somethings that I love about Thanksgiving is that I can get fat and none can judge. I also get my favorite candy and food.Some of my favorite food are turkey, ham, bread, and I also love the drinks. I love when the family gathers together,eats food, and just enjoying each other’s company. These are some of the many reasons that I am thankful for thanksgiving and its break.

I am also thankful to be able to have some time off to see and hang out with friends outside of school. You can hang out with friend who don’t go to your school or are not in your class. You can also go to place you can’t go during school.

There are lots of reason to be thankful for Thanksgiving. There are also lots of other things to be thankful for. Tell me what your thankful for and what you love doing while on break.