Personal column: People I’m thankful for


Maya Zola, staff reporter

When Thanksgiving comes around you sit down with your family eat a big feast and say what you are thankful for. Usually people forget the what are you thankful for part at dinner. Everyone just wants to eat and get on with Christmas. Everyone has something that they’re thankful for; they just don’t say it.

I am thankful for many people in my life. One is my mom, she is the one who was at the house when i got home. She is the one who loves me no matter what. My mom would make arts and crafts with me when I had no friends.  She would support me and help me get through my problems.

Another person that I am greatly thankful for is my dad. He would help me with my homework when i didn’t understand anything. My dad worked away from home every day to make sure that my mom and I had money. My dad is the one who made me laugh when I was down. When I was at my lowest he was calm about everything and helped me through it, he also never got angry.

One more person that I am thankful for is my friend Aiden. He always makes me laugh. Whenever i laugh i snort and he doesn’t look at me weird he actually loves the fact that I snort. Aiden knows not to mess with me when I have a certain face on or when i just don’t look like I’m in the mood for the day.

A few other amazing people that i am grateful to have in my life are Daniel Moraes, Aaron Garza, Gavin Lindsey, Ariana Rojas, 6th grade math teacher Mrs. Jara, and 8th grade math/algebra teacher Mrs. Hecox. I love all of these people so much.