Personal View: Things I’m thankful for


Madelyn Cordova, Staff Reporter

I am very thankful for many things. I am really proud that I am thankful for different things. I’m thankful for family,friends,dogs,life,food,and more. There are some times I forget to be thankful for. I take advantage of those things then I feel bad that I took advantage. Don’t forget to be thankful for things or else one day it may not be there for you.

I am thankful for my family because they help me, make me laugh, and celebrate.They make me laugh when I am down because my family is the best. I don’t like being at school, because it takes away our family time. They make me do things that I would never try. If they didn’t make me do it I wouldn’t do it ever. Like once I hate riding roller coasters but they took me to a park and made me ride a couple. I loved riding that roller coaster.

I am also thankful for my friends. They are funny, kind, sweet, and sometimes crazy.Even though they may get on my nerves I still love to hang out with all of them. They are the coolest I have ever had. Sometimes we do get into fights and ignore each other for a couple of days, but I still love them all. They make me laugh so hard I can’t breath.There was one time that the made me laugh so hard water came out of my nose it burned really bad after, but I can’t live without them if I even tried

I am also thankful for my dogs.They are cute, funny, lazy, and fun to sleep with.I have two dogs, a Brittany Spaniel and an Old English Bulldog. They are really great to snuggle with. They don’t have to much fur, but they do have some. They make me laugh because they do stupid stuff, but it is still funny. I love to hangout with them even though the Old English Bulldog likes to still bite me.

I am also thankful for my parents. Surprisingly they still deal with me. My mom is the cook in the house. Without her I don’t know what I would eat. She helps me with my homework and projects. Even though I do get on her nerves I still love to hang out with my mom. My dad is the boss around the house. Without him I wouldn’t know what needs to be worked on around the house. I love the time that I get to spend with me dad.

I’m thankful for somethings and I’m happy about that. Don’t forget about those things. I love to be around these things. They make me who I am. They create my personality and many different things of me.