Personal View: My favorite Thanksgiving traditions


Nevaeh Riojas , Staff Reporter

I’m Nevaeh Riojas, a 7th grader here at Dobie Jr. High, and with Thanksgiving coming, let’s talk about traditions.

Every year we have a big celebration with almost all of our family members, who come over to our house. We eat, and then once we’re finished we play card games.

Before the big party we make the food and everyone in the family helps to make it.

But, being the people we are, we add a little spice to the traditional Thanksgiving meals, such as making tamales with pork, chicken and chile, and with all the traditional foods.

Next part of my lovely Thanksgiving are the games we play. We play many card games that I absolutely love, and I think we do these games because my Grandpa loved to play them, but now that he’s gone we still play them, as it’s a way to remember him, because he was the best Grandpa a person could ask for.

My family loves doing these things, and hopefully this Thanksgiving will be the best because we have a new little addition to my family, also we have wonderful family friends that are so close to family. We call them our Aunt and Uncle, and they are absolutely fun to be around. Every year is a new and better year than the last!

So, with all that’s new, this year should be the best and coolest Thanksgiving ever, with all the food and games, and how much family we’re going to have coming, I’m so thankful for everyone in my life, and my family, and those who are just there for me.