Personal View: Be thankful for everything


Autumn Yoder, Staff Reporter

Thanksgiving week is coming, and with that a bunch of delicious food, and having to spend time with friends and family. My name is Autumn Yoder, part of the wonderful 8th grade this year, and every Thanksgiving I like to take a piece of paper or a computer, and put down all of the things I’m thankful. So, this year I think I’d like to share my thanks with the internet.

I’m thankful for the loving friends and family around me. Without them, I would have gotten nowhere and probably would have done nothing with my life. Hey, I haven’t gotten very far in life yet, but I’m sure that I’m going to have a purpose.

I’m thankful for my pets at home, Jack, a Catahoula hound mix, and Molly, a French bulldog. They are quite a handful at times, but it’s okay, because I love both of them. We got Molly before my family moved from Indiana to Texas, and that was a hard time for me so we had a little puppy for me to get over that with. During that time, we also had a pug Rosie, but my sister moved to Germany and took her with her. Jack is a rescue puppy and I love him to death; playful, annoying sometimes, but he’s always around.

I’m thankful for my teachers- Mrs P.J., Mrs. Higgins, and all the rest… I am very thankful for you taking the time to teach me and the rest of the class what we need to know for the future. They help us grow mentally, preparing us for the accursed adulthood.

On that, I’m thankful for the students at Dobie. They are what allows people to proudly say they are a part of the Dobie Junior High. Not every single student is the brightest, or the smartest, but we’re all special in our own way.

I’m very thankful for the clothes on my back, and the food I’m able to eat. They’re privileges, and not everyone is allowed them, or able to get them. This is a thing every single person should be thankful for. It honestly makes me sad that students worry more about their shoes than about their grades. Please, realize that they’re just that– SHOES. They’re not a golden ticket, they’re made to keep your feet from the ground. Worry more about the people around you who don’t have them.

I’m thankful for the music around all of us. From P!nk, to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton, music guides, entertains, and relaxes us, helping us just chill from the stuff going on in life. Music is an escape for many students at Dobie, including me. Everyone has their own preference in music, whether rock, classical, or rap. All music is great in it’s own way!

Now, there are so many more things that I am thankful for, but that’d take years to list, going on and on and on. You can be thankful for anything; your trees outside, whatever it is that has made your life what it is, or you you, be thankful for it. It may not always be there for you. So, what are you thankful for?