Olivia McBride, Staff Reporter

Ever since I was a little girl me and my family on thanksgiving day go around the table talking about what we are thankful for. My response to the question has been the same for the last 10 years, “I am very thankful for you all (my family) and this wonderful food!”.


Every thanksgiving we plans a new family trip, this year we are going to Ohio to visit my grandma and uncle. I am very excited to see them again, last year year they came down to Texas to see us. My favorite thanksgiving trip I have gone on with my family is the trip to Mexico for thanksgiving year 2011. Although we didn’t have any other family with us, it was still a blast!


Me and my family have always been close so when we all get together it’s a blast. It’s just not as fun when you have to be in the car with five other people with no cell serves for 18 hours… But on the other hand,  I’m excited to see how this thanksgiving goes with all of my family together and for the fun adventures we will have!