Personal View: What I’m thankful for


Ayana Freeman , Staff Reporter

Thanksgiving is a time of year, where a lot of thankful things happen. There are people, food, family, and other things. I’m gonna name a few things I’m thankful for.


I’m thankful for my family. I’m happy that I have a mom, dad, sister, brother, and my 2 dogs. I love that we can talk about weird things and just laugh about it for hours, and say strange things and laugh for hours. I’m thankful that we all get along sometimes but when the holidays roll around, we love each other even more. I love my family!


I’m also thankful that we get a week off of school. School can be a stressful place and to get a week off from school can release a lot of stress for kids. Also eating food all week is also a good thing to have a week off. Lastly sleeping in for a WHOLE WEEK is awesome and you can be more energetic.


Lastly, I’m thankful for food. The food is amazing and is delicious. I love ham, turkey, yams, and pie. I love to help my mom when she cooks the food but I also love it when I don’t have to help. The food I am most thankful for is APPLE PIE with vanilla ice cream but the apple pie has to be warm. The other food I’m thankful for Thanksgiving pancakes in the morning. The warm and fluffiness the pancakes have and when the pancakes have butter on them and syrup and cut through them. It’s amazing.


Thanksgiving is a time for laughter, food , and getting fat.