Personal View:Seasons Greetings With Thanksgiving Traditions


Every Thanksgiving I go with my family to visit my great grandma and have a nice dinner with the family. We have the occasional turkey,yams,stuffing,ham,pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce. After we spend some time there we will usually go to my nana’s and have a huge feast with my moms half of the family.


When I go I’m usually really excited because all my cousins  that are  there are around my age or younger, and since I’m the oldest out of all of them I get to help out in the kitchen. I help with the turkey and other Thanksgiving delights.


After a while all my cousins and I play upstairs and chill out by playing Injustice with the second youngest of my cousins.Which in all honesty is only younger than me by a few months and we are the exact same age. After waiting a few hours and having a huge appetite we all come together, pray and eat. There are always left overs because my family loves to have more than we can eat.


They always bring different dishes and in the end it turns out to be a huge a meal. Usually the day after Thanksgiving we all come together with my dad’s side of the family and have a huge get together at my uncle’s house and have barbecue. The fact that mostly all my older cousins are on that side of the family is awesome.


Whenever I go I usually keep to myself and go upstairs to play darts or play a game of air hockey against my dad or my older cousins very rarely against some of my younger cousins on my dad’s side that come to visit the family from another state or country.This doesn’t stop me from loving my family any less. That’s what my Thanksgiving means to me, a time to cherish your family and your memories together.So if you celebrate or not it’s the perfect time to spend your days with your family and friends and enjoy your Thanksgiving.