Personal View: Things I am thankful for


Leah Biache, Staff reporter

I am thankful for many things. Family, friends, accomplishments, food, freedom, life, pets and more. There are many things to be thankful for. We live in a good country with many benefits. We do however, take many things for granted. Air conditioner is something we for sure take for granted, especially in Texas.

I am thankful for family very much. I have been fortunate enough not experience any death in my family. All of my family is healthy and have no problems. I have a very cute baby brother, a sister that is just one year younger than me that I can play volleyball with, a mom and dad I can talk to, and an older sister who can give me advice.

I also have accomplished many things in life, I’ve made honor band twice, made first chair a couple of times, got a reward in science, made NJHS, made the volleyball team, made District Honor Choir, and finally, I made Region Band.

Food is a big deal. Some people only can afford rice and beans. That’s all they will eat. Some people only can get water; from a dirty lake. We however have stores full of food, fridges full of food, and restaurants we can go to. We even have schools! Kids get education and food all in one place. I am very thankful to have such easy access to food.

Freedom is something to be thankful for also. We don’t have to worry about if we don’t agree with the president or believe a certain thing. We won’t get punished; unless you take it to extreme. We are able to go to church, have privacy, and vote. We aren’t forcefully under control like other places. We have a say in issues.

I have so many things to be thankful for. Life may have it’s downs, but when life is good, it is good! I am looking forward to this Thanksgiving. Where we will get a feast of food and time with a healthy family.