Personal View: My Thanksgiving traditions


Leilani Barajas, Staff reporter

Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, and neighbors to come together and eat tons of stuffing,turkey,and many other foods eaten during Thanksgiving. My cousin’s birthday is on thanksgiving  and she always says the turkeys are her brethren. It is really weird, we usually go to my aunt’s house she invites lots of friends and we all stuff ourselves.


When the kids finish eating we all go upstairs and chaos ensues. My cousin goes to her room with her other friends they all usually act grown up and never embrace their inner kid. While I am partying with all the kids that are younger than me. When we are upstairs the adults drink,play card games and play poker.


I would occasionally go downstairs and get more food (mostly the pumpkin pie or whatever dessert was brought). There would be lots of food to choose from because every person who came brings two or more dishes. My parents brought the turkey and the ham with cranberry sauce last thanksgiving.My Mom makes the cranberry sauce my Dad cooks the turkey and the ham. I just eat the food and scream about how good the stuffing is.

Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not it is always an enjoyable time during the thanksgiving break. This year my family will not gather at my aunt’s house to celebrate. We are going to Universal for my cousins Quinceañera(15th birthday) this year! I hope Thanksgiving break will be great time for everyone!