Personal View: Why I Dislike Thanksgiving


Salvador Ramos, Staff Reporter

Usually every Thanksgiving my family and I always go to someone else’s family because my family is way too lazy to cook anything. Instead, we have to go to someone else’s house that I don’t care about. You would think that someone at age thirteen would love the holidays… well, guess what, I don’t. One reason I dislike the holidays is because we never do anything fun. We always have to take pictures and smile and pretend everything is great, but really I’m just really bored and I just wanna go home.

I dislike talking to my cousins. They are so fake, it annoys me, and they always talk stuff about our family behind our back. Another reason I dislike Thanksgiving is because of Black Friday. I’d rather go shopping with all of the great deals… I miss it when Black Friday was actually on a Friday, but now all of the deals are on Thanksgiving night. You might be thinking that I’m just an ungrateful brat who gets spoiled but no, I don’t get spoiled, I just get annoyed.

For Thanksgiving we just eat basic Thanksgiving food. If that is what you were asking because stupid people always ask me do you eat Mexican food for Thanksgiving. Just because I’m not white doesn’t mean I am not American like why are you assuming I was born in Mexico, I was born in California.

The only Mexican food I eat for Thanksgiving are tamales. Another thing I find extremely annoying is being thankful for something. How could I be thankful for getting annoyed when your cousin is all up in your face asking you if you have any games on your phone. And so, that’s why I dislike Thanksgiving.