What I’m Thankful for

What Im Thankful for

Daniella Tcheukado, Staff reporter

Thankful means pleased and relieved and it’s just another word for grateful. Everyone has their own meaning for Thanksgiving,but my meaning for Thanksgiving is not just being thankful for the people around you but also being thankful for the many things around you.

I am not only thankful for my friends and family but I am also thankful for nature. Without the nature that we have today we would not have the beautiful scenery that we have. We would not be able to walk outside in the morning and say that the sky is beautiful.We would not be able to walk outside in the morning and breath in the fresh air that we have now.

I am very thankful for the healthy animals that God put on Earth for us.Without them we would not be the happy people that we are today when we think of food. We would not be able to have all of our healthy vitamins that we need in order to live a happy healthy life.

I am also very thankful for the many occupations that we have today. I am grateful for the many people that work for those many occupations like farmers. Without them we would not have the delicious fruits and vegetables that they arrange for us and the animals would not be health. I am thankful for police officers,firefighters,doctors,engineers,teachers etc.They all play a big role in our lives.

Aside all of that I will never be able to thank God enough for the wonderful people that he surrounds me with. I love my family for all that they do for me and without them I would not be where I am.My siblings have played a big role in my life because of all the things that they do. I would not be the strong independent women that I am today. I can not thank my teachers and coaches enough for all that they have done for me and they have set a wonderful path for my future.

That is what my Thanksgiving is about not just being thankful for the things I have but for the people that are around me. I will not stop being thankful for all these people around me because I know that their job in life is not easy,so the littlest things that they do for me will actually play a big role in my life.