My Personal View: I’m Thankful for


Kalea Wright, Staff Repoter

I’m thankful for being able to wake up in the morning and being able to see the sun rise because life is not always long,some people don’t make it to see tomorrow and I’m really thankful for being able to wake up to tomorrow.

I’m thankful for my Mom because she gives me all her love, helps me,and teaches me how to be a young lady and how to protect myself. I’m thankful for having a mom because some people grow up without knowing who their mother is, so I’m very thankful for my mom.

I’m thankful for my friends because they stand by my side,they help me out if I don’t understand something,a nd they make me smile and laugh when i’m down, because of that i’m thankful for them.

I’m thankful for my siblings because they keep me busy,they show me how to have fun,they challenge me,and they help be a better big sister, so i’m really thankful for my siblings.