Personal View : Being thankful for Thanksgiving

Personal View : Being thankful for Thanksgiving

Vaun Natalroman, Staff Reporter


Thanksgiving is already a week away and I’m going to be talking about the things and people that have made such a powerful impact on the person that I am today. Certain things can change a person whether it’s music, shows, or movies . They are the things that’ll turn someone into a musician, an actor, or heck maybe even an engineer.


If I had to make list of things i’m grateful for ( which I am ) the first thing would be God. I’m grateful for giving me, my family, and my friends life and happiness, and blessing with the meeting of one another. Secondly I’d be thankful for my family for shaping me into mindful, goal-setting person that I am today, even though I don’t show it I’m thankful for my parents because they are accepting of me, my personality, and my ideas.I’m alo thankful for music because music has  made me into the growing musician that I am today .


The dictionary definition of grateful is : ‘feeling or showing an appreciation of kindness; thankful’. In this term I am grateful for all the people that have accepted me as a friend , trusted me, and listen to me when needed . I hope that everyone i blessed with friends that you can depend on and that can depend on you. I think god has chosen for each and every one of us to meet each other and whether it was a good meeting or not that is completely up to you guys. I hope each and every person whether I know you or not , have a great Thanksgiving hang out with friends, and family and have some good food .


This is probably one my most favorite time of the year besides my birthday and christmas because it allows me to  share my feelings with the ones that i care most about . While I only have six more days before thanksgiving which this year falls upon the 23rd of november I will use all of this time to show those that might not know it but I do care for them that they can be someone in the world and not some other person that doesn’t mean anything to other’s. To me Thanksgiving isn’t just some holiday based around food the tradition started with people coming TOGETHER to appreciate each other for who they are and what they mean to them. I hope each and every one of you have a good and safe Thanksigivng break.