Personal View: A Thankful Thanksgiving


Terrell Shelton, Staff Reporter

 Thanksgiving to me Is all about giving thanks, being with your friends and family, and most important food. The things I am thankful for is my friends that I have, my family. My mom and Dad for bringing me onto this earth, and everyone else that has been in my life. I’m so glad that these people are my friends and family and I wouldn’t want anyone else. I’m also really thankful for my three sisters, Calista, Breeana, and Mercedes, for helping me out with all my problems. My friends also do that, but my sisters, they are more understanding, they speak the truth.

I don’t live with my mom, nor my sisters, but they are always there and I’m thankful for them even though I don’t always talk to them I still love them.

I am thankful for my dad because he always asks me how I’m doing, and when I’m down he would always ask me If I’m alright, he always takes me out to Burger King or to the movies. He would always make the most out of things when he’s not working. Most of the time when we go to the store or something he lets me pick things out and buy them for me.

My stepmom, I am really thankful for her, She always cooks for me and she always make me laugh, especially when shes not trying to be funny. My stepmom always looks after me when my dad Is at work. She will always make sure I am okay, just like my dad.

These people Have truly impacted my life. I love everyone and they are very important to me even though I don’t show It.