Personal view: What I’m thankful for


Ariana Viera, staff reporter

Aah.. thanksgiving the day when you get together with your family and show or tell them what you are thankful for. For thanksgiving i’m going to invite my family members to my house and we will have a big feast.


Things I’m  thankful for is my supporting family. I love my family because they help me so much like one time I was having a blank moment and my mom was so confused. She said “ honey you twist the bottle to get the salt out.” it was funny because I was shaking it instead of twisting it, what I’m trying to say is when I have my moments of confusion on the simplest things they are always there  to help.


Next is I’m thankful for all the teachers in the school because if it weren’t for them we would all be extinct, just kidding we would just not have as much knowledge as we do now. For example, they are the smartest people in a school which is why they are the teachers. I’m really and really thankful for the generators because they always have to pick up others trash.


Last is my best friends who help me through the hardest obstacle LIFE. they are always by my side if i need help. That’s what friends are for right. Everyday i meet my best friend in the library to hang. And if there’s ever a long weekend she asks if i would want to spend the night. Sleepovers are so fun especially when we play games together.

And those are the three things I’m thankful for hope y’all have a awesome thanksgiving.