Personal View: David Staton


David Staton , Staff Reporter

The things I’m thankful for is all of my family and the food my family can put on the table. I love when we go down to my grandma house. Back in Alabama we would go down to my Aunt Faye house and she would make the best pumpkin pie. She lived on a farm so all the kids would go outside and drive the Polaris. It was so much fun, and my dad drove the big tractor. The next year she had a smaller tractor and I got to drive it. That was one of the last time I saw her because we moved to Texas. The other thing we do is going to my Aunt June house. She also lives on a farm. She had a horse for a  long time because my uncle is a retired police officer that rode Oreo,  his retired police horse. Lately we have only been going to Houston to my dad side of family. Lets just say it’s been awkward the last couple of years.