Personal Column: My wonderful Thanksgiving trip


Gillian Graver, Staff Reporter

Thanksgiving is the possibility of spending time with family and really open our eyes to see what we’re thankful for. I don’t really know what my family has planned for this week, but I am actually really excited!

I don’t really understand why almost all stores advertise things for Christmas when Thanksgiving is really important as well! It’s a time of offerings and good times with family and friends.

I honestly also love the food my family cooks. I come from two completely family’s from my mom’s side to my dad’s side, but they oddly get along really well. We all laugh so much together and go on all these wonderful trips to different places.

Once we went to Las Vegas, Nevada, then Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and then Miami, Florida. We’ve been and explored so many places that are beautiful! I really love spending time with my family.

Me and my household usually go to other places but this time, my family is coming to my house this year! I’m so excited to see what we will be going to be doing! My family always loves surprises and doing new things, especially things that include adventure.

Well, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!