Personal Column: Thanksgiving was pretty boring

Personal Column: Thanksgiving was pretty boring

Ethan Adams, Staff reporter

 When it is thanksgiving time my family usually goes down to my Aunt and uncle’s house. Luckily my cousin lives there so it’s not just a boring get together. Usually we will play Xbox or go outside.

But sometimes my nephew will come over and that is rare because my brother (his dad) lives in New Braunfels so he doesn’t come over often. But when he does it’s fun but I kinda gotta watch out for him because he’s younger than both me and my cousin.

Me and my cousin have been friends since the beginning pretty much. Were one year apart, this is the first year that we have been in the same school. So that’s new for us.

During Thanksgiving when my household goes to my cousin’s house, my dad will watch football or whatever happens to be on TV at that time, and my mother will just socialize and gossip with the other females that happen to be there.

When it is time to eat me and my cousin are usually the last to get our food because we’re busy doing whatever we happen to be doing at that time. For options there’s always turkey, mashed potatoes, and pie. There’s usually other side dishes like corn or green beans but it kinda changes all every year.