Personal View: My Family Traditions


Michaela Martinez, Staff Reporter

 Hello my name is Michaela Martinez and I’m a 8th grader. Thanksgiving is full of tons of traditions. I have a few I want to share with you.

A thing of Thanksgiving is turkey. I have a huge family so that means we need to get a huge bird. H-E-B is the place to go. We go straight to the meat section and grab one of the heaviest turkeys and then go around and grab the rest of ingredients. That hunk of meat will chill in the freezer until the night before Thanksgiving. My dad will the stuff it with homemade stuffing and cook the liver. After that he starts to peel potatoes and make mashed potatoes.

Our other tradition is watching the Macy’s day parade. We like to point out our favorite floats and listen to the music. Sometimes we will just dance or lay out a game to play. At dinner time we tell each what we are thankful for and then pray and dive into delicious food.

The day after thanksgiving we get ready for Christmas. Blasting carols throughout the house. Thanks for reading about my traditions.  And I hope you all have happy Thanksgiving.