Personal View: Thanksgiving Has Some Great Traditions


Brea Mars, Staff Reporter

In the cold, bare tree month of November, we celebrate Thanksgiving like the other families out there. Usually we start by inviting over any relatives who would like to celebrate with us. This tradition usually involves my Uncles, Aunts, and Grandparents coming to help cook. One time I recall my Grandpa making us breaded macaroni and cheese. He also bought some bananas to make some banana pudding for my brother.

Ethan and I set the table while both of my parents prepare our feast. While we set the table, I breathe in the sweet aroma of turkey being basted, pecan pie being baked, the stuffing finishing, and the turkey necks beginning to boil on the stove. After we finish with the table, I go and observe my dad preparing the turkey. One of our traditions is turning the T.V off.

Another tradition is that we either stand or sit down to pray. We grip each other’s hands and bow our heads and then announce what we are all thankful for. After we pray and say what we are thankful for, we sit down and begin to eat. My brother, half the time, sits there with a grumpy look on his face because he can’t eat dessert first. When everyone finishes we begin to eat our desserts.

I get all of  the pie, my brother eats most of the banana pudding, and my parents drink “grape juice” and they eat some pie or ice cream. In the end we watch movies and go back to our respected spaces and sleep till the next lazy day.