Personal view: My Thanksgiving traditions are great


Elijah Hugle, staff reporter



My Thanksgiving traditions go as follows, I go outside and play football with my family and friends who come over. If no one comes over I play on my xbox  for a while, it is pretty fun because I play with my brother and my friends. It is pretty odd. Wherever I am I can smell the delicious food radiating from the kitchen. The fluffy rolls,creamy mac and cheese, the warm ham, and the mashed potatoes.


I hear the working of the adults working on the meal and i go down there to make some delicious chocolate chip cookies. The soft, warm, gooey cookies radiant smell fills the house. Smells of deliciousness fills the house. The first time I did it they were gone too soon even before the dinner. The younger kids ate them all they disappeared with a hour.


At last dinner is ready we eat the food, the warm buttery fluffy rolls are my favorite, the warm ham has cranberry sauce and the creamy mac and cheese was the best. That is my Thanksgiving traditions are the best things ever.

Its pretty much christmas but I don’t care.