Personal view: What I’m thankful for


Ariana Rojas, Staff Reporter


I’m thankful for the crisp chilly air and the leaves that fall under my feet.


The warm and comforting hugs of family members coming together for the holiday.


I’m thankful for my sweet pups who howl at the wee hours of the morning.


For my brother who’s been with me since the beginning always playing games with me on rainy days.

I’m grateful for my parents and for them teaching me what I know.


Thankful that I’m able to visit my friends and family whenever I can.


Thankful that I’m able to experience things like going to the movies and to the beach.


I’m thankful that my grandma is with us even after all of the procedures.


I’m grateful that I have friends that stick with me through thick and thin.


I’m thankful that I can live in a place where I feel safe.


I’m thankful the long summer nights and the gentle breeze that comes with it.


I’m grateful for the artist that inspire me to keep drawing.


I’m thankful for the education that Texas has to offer and the programs as well.


I’m thankful for these things because they all  help make up who I am.